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Charlie Brown Special | Nov. 20, 2020

Nov 20, 2020
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Courtesy / PBS

Notes from Susi

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to share that the beloved Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special will be available to mid-Michigan viewers for free on WKAR. Ensuring that a cherished family tradition carries on for all, Peanuts fans can look forward to enjoying Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang on their holiday this weekend. More information about this holiday special can be found here.

Racial Equity Leaders Cohort | Nov. 13, 2020

Nov 13, 2020

Notes from Susi

Dear Friends,

I am excited to share that our very own Robin Pizzo has been selected to serve on the Michigan Early Childhood System Racial Equity Leaders Cohort. The cohort will focus on increasing racial equity across the multiple sectors that comprise the early childhood system.  


WKAR’s Director of Education joins a Racial Equity Leaders Cohort that will focus on increasing racial equity across the multiple sectors that comprise the early childhood system. 

Robin Pizzo is Director of Education at WKAR, Michigan State University's NPR and PBS affiliate. Pizzo is an educator with over 20 years of experience in grades K through 12. She leads education outreach efforts and brings workshops, learning tools and other resources into the community to help children become resilient, lifelong learners. 

Behind "Making the Grade in Michigan"

May 30, 2019
Robin Pizzo

Last month, WKAR received a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for its series Making the Grade in Michigan.


Saturday, April 13 at 3:00pm on the MSU Campus | Join us to learn cool things about science! 

Robin Pizzo | Station Profile

Jan 9, 2019

This month WKAR shines the spotlight on WKAR Director of Education Robin Pizzo

Robin Pizzo, WKAR Director of Education
Reginald Hardwick / WKAR-MSU

WKAR's commitment to helping children learn in Michigan includes the addition of Robin Pizzo, our Director of Education. She talked with WKAR's Reginald Hardwick about her background and mission here at WKAR.