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Satish Udpa, the Acting President of Michigan State University was taken to the hospital after a medical incident during a graduation ceremony on Friday. 

Satish Udpa in WKAR Studios photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR/MSU

In January, the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, fresh off the resignation of Interim President John Engler, appointed Executive Vice President for Administrative Services Satish Udpa to serve as acting President. He’s serving in that role while a committee searches for a permanent president.

This week, Udpa came to the WKAR studios for a lengthy interview with reporter Scott Pohl.

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“I like to split things that we are doing into two buckets,” says Acting Michigan State University President Satish Udpa. “In the first bucket, we are looking at things that we can do to heal the campus. We want to right the ship and we want to make sure that the amount of negativity that we saw on this campus comes down. So, things like apologizing to the survivors, that was one of the first things we did. 

Acting President Satish Udpa presides over his first MSU Board of Trustees meeting. He began with an apology to survivors of Larry Nassar's abuse.
Abigail Censky, WKAR

Friday the Michigan State University Board of Trustees met for the first time since Interim President and former Governor, John Engler was ousted in early January.  Acting President Satish Udpa began his first official MSU board meeting with an apology.

portrait: Satish Udpa
Michigan State University

In the wake of this week’s resignation of interim MSU President John Engler, there’s an editorial in today’s Detroit Free Press called “In Engler, panicked MSU Trustees got what they paid for.”

WKAR’s Scott Pohl talks with Brian Dickerson, Editorial Page Editor of the Free Press, about the editorial. He says the MSU-Engler saga is “more complicated than it’s been made out to be.”

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Abigail Censky / WKAR File Photo

John Engler is offically out at Michigan State University following a tumultuous term as the school's interim president. What does his ouster mean for the future of MSU? WKAR's Karel Vega sat down with Abigail Censky and Scott Pohl to discuss.