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Whitmer Proposes Eliminating Longtime School Funding Gap

May 27, 2021

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday proposed using a budget surplus to finally eliminate a funding gap among K-12 districts, 27 years after Michigan overhauled the financing of public education.

Classroom with desks space apart for social distancing. Each student's space is marked with green tape on the floor.
Okemos Public Schools

Some local school districts are having to make a hard choice right now: keep in-person instructional time limited or forgo more than a million dollars in relief funding.

House Bill 4048 ties funding for certain districts to the number of in-person hours a school offers. That has left districts like Okemos Public Schools scrambling to change its Return to Learn plan in just a few weeks.

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A deadlock on the Michigan Supreme Court has effectively reversed a ban on any taxpayer funds going to private and religious schools. The decision allows state funds to go toward helping schools comply with health and safety mandates.


Religious organizations cheered the decision, while public school administrators and teachers unions won’t rule out a renewed challenge. 

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The state Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on a challenge to Michigan’s ban on taxpayer funds to support private and parochial schools.

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Michigan has joined four other states and Washington D-C to challenge how the U-S Department of Education is allocating money for schools. The funds come from the CARES Act to assist schools with their COVID-19 responses.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer toured an elementary school in Flint Monday to call attention to the fact that schools have started their academic year, but they don’t know how much financial support to expect from the state.

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The Michigan Supreme Court will take another look at whether it’s ever OK for taxpayer dollars to go to private or parochial schools.

As Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta reports, the court is responding to a challenge against state budgets.

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Education advocates, from teachers to lunch staff, filled the state Capitol lawn Tuesday. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth explains why.

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Michigan schools will see fewer dollars in 2019 under legislation that passed out of the lame duck legislature early Friday morning.