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The beginning of the school year is almost here in Michigan. But who gets to go back to school and when, isn't clear.  Lawmakers are set to make their recommendation this weekend in a rare Saturday session of the Michigan legislature.  

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Dozens of Michigan school employees rallied at the State Capitol Thursday to call for a safe school re-opening strategy. 

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The Lansing School District is unveiling its plans for the start of the new school year to stay remote as leaders across the country in California, Arkansas, and Kansas are delaying school start dates or continuing remote learning to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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The Lansing School Board has approved its 2021 budget.  The district’s $160 million plan is about $10 million less than last year.  The cuts come as the state struggles to craft its own budget in the face of an unprecedented economic blow dealt by the coronavirus pandemic.  School districts across the state are putting numbers to paper with no clear sense of how much they’ll receive in state aid. WKAR's Kevin Lavery spoke with Superintendent Sam Sinicropi about what it all means for Lansing.



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The coronavirus pandemic has the whole world living in limbo.  Few people feel that sensation more acutely than high school seniors.  With their once promised rites of passage on hold, members of the Class of 2020 search in isolation for a meaningful way to mark the end of their K-12 experience.


WATCH NOW An in-depth look at the challenges Michigan K-12 schools face with at-home instruction because of COVID-19. State Superintendent Michael F. Rice, PhD and other experts  join host Shawn Turner to address how students, teachers, and parents will be academically and emotionally impacted by Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order to close schools through the end of the academic year.

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A statewide planning team is forming to help Michigan teachers develop alternative education models in the wake of the coronavirus.


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The coronavirus has parents across Michigan wondering how the final months of their children’s school year will continue.  But state educators say that decision is ultimately out of their hands.


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Schools across the state are shut down in an effort to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Now, the process of cleaning many school buildings is underway.

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When $525,000 in state funding was cut from a popular school truancy program she runs to help students in rural northeastern Michigan, Dorothy Pintar held off as long as possible on reducing staff.