student housing

Taylor Haelterman / WKAR-MSU

There was some chaos this week for students at Michigan State University. They were preparing to move into residence halls when the school announced undergraduate classes would move online and on-campus housing would be closed, leaving many thousands of students in a housing lurch. 

View from an apartment on Landmark's 12th floor
Alec Gerstenberger/WKAR-MSU

One of the apartment buildings that is changing the skyline of East Lansing opens in August 2019. WKAR News student reporter Alec Gerstenberger toured the 12 story Landmark on Grand River apartment units and created this photo gallery. Click here for a link to a story about the new apartments and cost concerns by WKAR News student reporter Alina Zhuravel.

View of the Landmark apartments from the leasing office on the first floor
Alec Gerstenberger/WKAR-MSU

After months of construction, residents are beginning to occupy the tall apartment buildings that have changed the skyline of East Lansing.  We recently toured of one of the complexes.