Taylor Gattoni

WATCH: The Secret Life Of Sparty, Michigan State’s Beloved Mascot

May 11, 2021
Drew Davis

Sparty, one of the most recognizable character mascots in college sports, is played by a series of Michigan State students. They keep their role secret, until they graduate. MSU graduate Drew Davis shares his story playing Sparty.

The World Of Video Games Brings Opportunity And Acclaim To Michigan State

May 3, 2021
Video Games
Taylor Gattoni

MSU’s top-ranked Game Development Program prepares students for the growing field.

WATCH: Michigan State Student Remembers Trip To Fortnite World Cup

Apr 8, 2021
Taylor Gattoni

It’s the life serious gamers want: being invited, all expenses-paid, to compete in a global affair for real money. And MSU student Ryan Basford lived to tell the tale.

Retro Game Making A Rising Return In Esports

Mar 1, 2021
Taylor Gattoni

The sport of chess is not new, but it’s become the cool thing to play because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit.”