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The United Auto Workers union on Monday turned its bargaining focus to Fiat Chrysler, raising the possibility of another strike against a Detroit automaker.

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The United Autoworkers strike against General Motors is now in its fifth week. By some estimates workers have lost more than six hundred million in wages. Now, the UAW has announced they've reached a tentative agreement with GM.

A United Auto Worker strikes outside of the Lansing Grand River assembly plant in the first week of the strike. The strike is now three weeks old and some analysts predict supplier wage losses are outpacing UAW wage losses.
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The United Auto Workers strike against General Motors entered its third week Monday.  It’s estimated that GM has lost more than $135 million over the course of the strike. But the businesses that supply GM are also losing millions. WKAR’s politics reporter Abigail Censky spoke with Patrick Anderson, CEO of the Anderson Economic Group, about how much he estimates suppliers are losing. Below are highlights of their conversation.

General Motors
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A strike by the United Auto Workers union has caused a parts shortage, forcing General Motors to shut down its pickup truck and transmission factories in Silao, Mexico.

United Auto Workers strike outside of the Lansing Grand River assembly plant earlier this week. This is the largest strike against GM since 2007.
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This week nearly 50,000 United Auto Workers walked out of General Motors plants across the country in the first national UAW strike against GM since 2007. The strike officially surpassed the length of the 2007 strike on Wednesday. Now, everyone outside of the negotiating room in Detroit is left scratching their heads on what the potential cost of this strike could be. WKAR politics reporter Abigail Censky joined WKAR’s Karel Vega to speak about the potential impact of a lingering strike on the local economy in a GM town. Below are highlights from the conversation. 

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At midnight Sunday night, the United Auto Workers Union struck General Motors over the failure to reach agreement on a new contract. Picket lines quickly went up in front of Lansing’s GM facilities.

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Picket lines went up this morning at Lansing’s two General Motors plants.

General Motors
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The United Auto Workers union has picked General Motors as the target company for this year's contract talks with Detroit's three automakers.

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Federal agents are searching the suburban Detroit home of the president of the United Auto Workers, apparently another step in an investigation of union corruption.

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In recent years, Detroit automakers have been at relative peace with the United Auto Workers union because times have been good and profit-sharing checks have been fat.