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When Something Scary Happens

PBS KIDS Talk About: Scary Things | PBS KIDS
Who do you talk to when you’re scared? PBS KIDS asked real families to share how they support one another when they’re afraid of things like spiders and thunder and when there are big fears, such as illness.

Sesame Street in Communities

Violence | Sesame Street in Communities
When children are exposed to violent events, you can help them feel safer and more secure…and build hope for a more peaceful, kinder future.

Offering Comfort | Sesame Street in Communities
Little ones need lots of help from caring adults to grow and thrive. Comforting, nurturing touch is actually necessary for healthy brain development!

Traumatic Experiences | Sesame Street in Communities
Grown-ups hold the power to help lessen the effects of traumatic experiences.

A Child's Perspective of a Traumatic Experience - Sesame Street in Communities
Responses to trauma look different at every stage of development.