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Michigan GOP prepares to choose election delegates Monday night

Michigan GOP

Michigan Republicans will meet Monday night at their local county conventions to choose who to send to the statewide gathering later this month.

Those delegates will decide who wins the party’s endorsement for offices like Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Party spokesperson Gustavo Portela said Republicans are feeling energized this year about the potential to unseat Democratic officeholders.

“I think you’ll see Republicans are united. Republicans are united in wanting to make all these Democrats one-termers and finally bring about prosperity and opportunity for everyone, not just the well connected,” Portela said.

The Attorney General race for the GOP endorsement has gained attention for multiple reasons.

One is that candidate Matt DePerno has called on his supporters to “storm the convention” to get his allies in as delegates.

Portela said although no rules explicitly bar that method, he said there are checks on the selection process.

“Any challenges made — obviously — by the candidates would be reviewed properly by the credentials committee. And that credentials committee will ultimately determine who is and who isn’t a delegate,” Portela said.

Another twist in the party's attorney general nomination race comes from a reported conversation between party chair Ron Weiser and AG candidate Tom Leonard. Weiser floated the possibility of Leonard running for Congress instead.

Portela explained that, as the chairman, Weiser was just discussing other options for Leonard.

“Obviously he was not nudging or encouraging or trying to sway Tom to do anything,” Portela said.

The party will officially endorse candidates for attorney general, secretary of state, and other offices at its statewide convention on April 23.

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