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Mid-Michigan corn maze pays tribute to college rivalry

Photo courtesy of Loretta Benjamin
A birds-eye view of the 12-acre corn maze located at Choice Farm Market in Webberville, Mich. The maze has both the Michigan State Spartan helmet and the University of Michigan Block M etched into the the design with the an outlive of Michigan at its center.

A Webberville farm located between two of Michigan’s biggest universities is hamming up their long standing rivalry with a 12-acre corn maze.

Fans of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan will see the MSU Spartan helmet and the Block M symbol carved out. At the center of it all is an outline of the state.

Loretta Benjamin is the co-owner of Choice Farm Market, where the maze is located. She said she and her husband came up with the idea after seeing many people in the region were split on who they supported.

“A lot of the families out here are what we call 'houses divided' and some of them even sport the flag with half of it supporting the Block M and half of it being a Block S, so we thought it would be fun to just kind of play off that,” she said.

Benjamin said they received permission from both universities to use the copyrighted symbols.

The design includes two sizes. There's a smaller one with educational activities for children, and a larger one with trivia for older individuals.

“You download an app, and then we have 10 different check stations throughout it, so it’ll have some trivia, it’ll have a little bit of agricultural trivia and then trivia about both universities,” Benjamin said.

The maze will be timed as an added challenge.

Benjamin said the maze is part of an expansion project for the farm, which she and her husband hope to add more activities to next year.

Admission for the large maze is $8, the smaller maze is $5, and children under four can get in for free. Those paying for the larger maze will be able to go through the smaller maze at no additional cost.

The maze will be open weekends from noon to 6 p.m. beginning September 17 through the end of October.

Melorie Begay is WKAR-FM's weekend host and a general assignment reporter.
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