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City of Lansing seeks community feedback on downtown parking

A bridge along downtown Lansing
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Updated September 7, 2023 at 7:01 p.m.

The city of Lansing is asking for public input on issues related to  parking downtown.  

 A new survey asks residents and business owners for their feedback on parking in the city. This comes after city officials heard complaints from local business owners about customers getting tickets and being inconvenienced.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said the topic of parking is “emotional” for many and is a complex issue in terms of urban planning. He said delivery drivers and customers who only need to park for a few minutes end up getting ticketed.

“We have more DoorDash and other things now that we have before. We have people that stopped for five minutes to pick up a sandwich they ordered. So, we'll certainly look at how many loading zones we need in each block, making sure that we have enough parking spots for those that want to park there,” he said.

The issues don’t stop there. Schor said everyone has different ideas and preferences, and the survey is an opportunity for those affected by parking issues to voice their concerns. Schor said he has also encountered annoyances during his commute.

“I park downtown also, and I come on nights and weekends. What annoys me is if I come downtown and can't find a place to park now, I'll walk, you know. I'll walk three, four blocks, that doesn't bother me. And for some people, it does bother them,” he said.

Lynn Ross is a local business owner who runs Mother & Earth baby store in downtown Lansing. She says the parking enforcement has had a negative impact on business due to ailing infrastructure and a finicky mobile app.

“People don't even know that they have to pay for parking. And then if they do know they have to pay for parking, it's not the easiest thing to do. So, there's an app they can download, or they can pay at a kiosk. But like I said, the signage isn't really great,” she explained.

The survey can be found here and is open for a month.

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