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Remnants of Hurricane Beryl bringing rain and flooding to Michigan

National Weather Service

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The remnants of Hurricane Beryl are expected to bring heavy rain and flooding to mid-Michigan.

The hurricane made landfall in Texas earlier this week, killing several people and causing widespread heavy rain and flooding, with nearly three million homes and businesses losing power.

Now downgraded to a tropical depression, the storm is moving northward, bringing heavy rain, flooding and potentially severe weather into the lower Great Lakes area, including Michigan.

The area from Jackson to Lansing could get three to four inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service, with localized areas of up to six inches possible.

“Once the hurricanes move inland, they weaken pretty quickly, but they still have a tremendous amount of moisture with them,” said Janis Laurens, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

Laurens said storms that follow hurricanes rarely impact Michigan, but hurricanes do not typically develop into strong category five storms this early in July.

“For that to have developed this early in the season, that is highly unusual,” he said.

Laurens said the heavy rain is expected to cause minor or even moderate river flooding.

“But I think that mainly it’s going to be a flooding issue for small streams, urban areas,” he said.

Laurens advises people to monitor the latest forecasts and be prepared for the potential for some flooding.

“Have an emergency action plan where you and your family can keep yourself safe in the event that significant flooding does occur,” he said.

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