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Celtic Woman: Destiny, woods picture
Courtesy of Kip Carroll
Enjoy musical enchantment from Ireland’s famed singing group, with new material and fresh arrangements of their most spellbinding songs.";

Sun. Feb. 5 from 2:30pm to 10pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 | Where do non-football fans turn for alternative viewing on February 5? WKAR! 

The day's line-up features music from Celtic Woman and BritFloyd, lifestyle guidance with Brainfit and an evening of TV's best drama with Mercy Street, Victoria and the conclusion of Secrets of the Six Wives. Watch and call for special offers. 

2:30pm | Celtic Women: Destiny | Special Offers
Enjoy more musical enchantment from Ireland’s famed singing group, filmed in Dublin’s spectacular 200-year-old Round Room at the Mansion House. Hear new material along with fresh arrangements of their most spellbinding songs. Watch to learn how you can get tickets to the Wharton show on June 18, 2017. 

4:30pm | Brainfit: 50 Ways to Grow Your Brain
Psychiatrist and brain-imaging expert Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife, nurse Tana Amen provide 50 ways to grow your brain and their best secrets for igniting your energy and focus at any age.

6:30pm | Brit Floyd: The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Show
The Pink Floyd-tribute band performs!

8:00pm | Mercy Street: One Equal Temper
The Greens work together to hide an ugly secret, McBurney hopes to distance Foster from Mary by sending him on a house call to a nearby army camp, Alice helps Frank escape and much more!

9:00pm | Victoria: An Ordinary Woman
Second thoughts and other complications accent Victoria and Albert's potential marriage, including whether the queen should promise to obey the foreign prince.

10:00pm | Secrets of the Six Wives Conclusion
The final three wives of Henry VIII are remembered: Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr.

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