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On Broadway | Finding Your Roots

Audra McDonald
Courtesy of McGee Media
Audra McDonald.

Tue. Apr. 27 at 8pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Henry Louis Gates Jr. investigates the family histories of Audra McDonald and Mandy Patinkin.He discovers ancestors whose struggles laid the groundwork for their successes.

Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award-winning singer and actor Audra McDonald is unparalleled in the breadth and versatility of her artistry as both a singer and an actor.

Mandy Patinkin recently completed the award-winning Showtime Original Series Homeland as CIA Agent Saul Berenson. He starred in the CBS series Criminal Minds as well as in the Showtime Original Series Dead Like Me.

Watch each episode at video.wkar.org during or after the premiere date.

In sharing stories, Finding Your Roots uses every tool available, from cutting-edge?DNA research to old-school genealogical sleuthing, to reveal long-buried secrets. Spanning the globe, the series compiles?family trees in episodes that trace throughout the United States and Canada, across Europe and Africa and more. Episode to episode, audiences will meet guests’ ancestors who were businesspeople and bootleggers, war heroes and criminals, farmers and immigrants and the persecuted and the persevering under the most extraordinary circumstances. Together, the arc of each guest’s family personalizes history while emphasizing the human connections that unite everyone.

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