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Mysteries of Mental Illness

Abandoned, dusty hallway with window frames, doors etc. leaning against walls
Courtesy of Pangloss Films
Opened in 1880, The Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane was once a state-of-the-art facility, built according to the Kirkbride Plan: a system for mental asylum design named after the physician who developed it.

Tuesday–Wednesday, Jun. 22–23, at 9pm & 10pm | Explore the evolution in understanding and the dramatic attempts across generations to unravel the difficult questions surrounding mental illness with which people have grappled throughout history: What causes it, and how is it best treated?Evil or Illness | Tue. Jun. 22 | 9 p.m.
Examine ancient conceptions of mental illness and the establishment of psychiatry.

What's Normal? | Tue. Jun. 22 | 10 p.m.
Trace efforts to develop guidelines for diagnosing mental illness based in science instead of dogma.

Rise and Fall of the Asylum | Wed. Jun. 23 | 9 p.m.
Follow the origins and the downfall of mental asylums in the United States.

The New Frontiers | Wed. Jun. 23 | 10 p.m.
Explore today’s most cutting-edge treatments for mental illness.

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