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Alaskan Dinosaurs | NOVA

Rendering of Alaskan Dinosaurs
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A herd of duck-billed dinosaurs in Alaska's arctic winter 70 million years ago.

Wed. Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Intrepid paleontologists discover that dinosaurs thrived in the Arctic's cold and dark.

Wielding chainsaws to extract fossils frozen into the permafrost and flying drones to map thousands of footprints, fearless paleontologists discover that dinosaurs thrived in the unlikeliest of places -- the cold and dark of the Arctic Circle. How did they survive year-round and raise their young in frigid and dark winter conditions?

Watch this episode at video.wkar.org during or after the premiere date.

NOVA is the most-watched primetime science series on American television, reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. Now in its fifth decade of production, the series remains committed to producing in-depth science programming in the form of one-hour documentaries and long-form mini-series, from the latest breakthroughs in technology to the deepest mysteries of the natural world.

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