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The U.S. and the Holocaust, a film by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick & Sarah Botstein

The U.S. and the Holocaust. A history to be reckoned with.

STREAMING FREE NOW through 10/16/22 | Inspired in part by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s “Americans and the Holocaust” exhibition and supported by its historical resources, The U.S. and the Holocaust examines the rise of Hitler and Nazism in Germany in the context of global antisemitism and racism, the eugenics movement in the United States, and race laws in the American South. The three-part documentary is directed by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, and Sarah Botstein, with narration by Peter Coyote.


NOTE: Episodes 2 and 3 have been rescheduled to allow for a special broadcast on Monday, Sep. 19.
Sun. Sep. 18, 2022 at 8pm; repeat at 10:10pm ET
Mon. Sep. 19, 2022 at 9:30pm ET
The U.S. and the Holocaust: The Golden Door (Beginnings - 1938) | WATCH HERE Expires 10/16/22.
Reversing a history of open borders, a xenophobic backlash prompts Congress to restrict immigration. Hitler and the Nazis persecute German Jews, forcing many to seek refuge. FDR is concerned by the growing crisis but unable to coordinate a response.

Tue. Sep. 20, 2022 at 8pm; repeat at 10:20pm ET
The U.S. and the Holocaust: Yearning to Breathe Free (1938 - 1942) | WATCH HERE Expires 10/16/22.
As World War II begins, Americans are divided over whether to intervene against Nazi Germany. Some individuals and organizations work tirelessly to help refugees escape. Germany invades the USSR and secretly begins the mass murder of European Jews.

Wed. Sep. 21, 2022 at 8pm; repeat at 10:15pm ET
The U.S. and the Holocaust: The Homeless, The Tempest-Tossed (1942 - ) | WATCH HERE Expires 10/16/22.
A group of dedicated government officials fights red tape to support rescue operations. As the Allies liberate German camps, the public sees for the first time the sheer scale of the Holocaust and begins to reckon with its reverberations.

The U.S. and the Holocaust | A film by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick & Sarah Botstein

updated 9/26/22

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