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The Path to Happily Ever After with Rajiv Nagaich

The Path to Happily Ever After with Rajiv Nagaich
Rajiv Nagaich
Rajiv Nagaich

Mon Mar. 6 at 9:30PM on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Elder law attorney Rajiv Nagaich presents an integrated approach to retirement planning -- LifePlanning -- which coordinates health, housing, finances, legal and family issues in retirement.

What does it take to live “happily ever after” during your retirement years? How can you grow old in the home you know and love—without going broke and without burdening your family? These are the questions elder law attorney and retirement planning expert Rajiv Nagaich answers in The Path to Happily Ever After.

Drawing on his own family’s experiences and those of thousands of clients during his 20+ years as an elder law attorney, Rajiv shines the spotlight on a problem no one else is addressing. Americans who follow traditional retirement planning advice are almost certain to experience their worst nightmares after a health crisis. A staggering 70% of American retirees are forced into institutional care. Just as many go broke due to unplanned care costs and become a burden on family members.

In The Path to Happily Ever After, Rajiv explains why this tragic trifecta happens so often—and how to avoid it. Rajiv’s groundbreaking new approach to retirement planning—LifePlanning—delivers a master plan that seamlessly coordinates health, housing, finances, legal, and family issues in retirement. This integrated planning process makes it possible to avoid being forced to move after a health crisis, avoid losing assets to unplanned care costs, and avoid becoming a burden on loved ones. In The Path to Happily Ever After, Rajiv explains the essential planning steps and, most importantly, how to develop the framework for these elements to work in concert toward the goals that matter most. Rajiv’s formula for retirement planning has helped thousands of Americans find their path to happily ever after.

This special is available to watch live during its airdate on the WKAR Livestream.

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