Detroit must reimburse Free Press for legal fees

DETROIT – A judge has ruled Detroit must reimburse the Detroit Free Press for most of the newspaper's legal fees in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit related to the text message scandal involving ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. ruled Wednesday the paper prevailed in about 80 percent of its requests.

The paper sought about $666,000 in fees and costs, but Colombo said some expenses wouldn't be allowed. Free Press lawyer Herschel Fink plans to meet with the city to recalculate the bill.

If they can't reach an agreement, they will return before Colombo.

As part of the case, the Michigan Supreme Court in Feb. 2008 denied Kilpatrick's effort to keep documents sealed.

Kilpatrick later resigned and served 99 days in jail.