On Point Listens From Iowa: The Way Ahead For America

Nov 10, 2017

We’re in Ames, Iowa, the last stop on our year-long national listening tour. We’ll be talking with Iowans about the way ahead for America.

This show always travels.  This year, we’ve traveled a lot.  After Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, we wanted to get as close as we could to hear what people in communities around this country were saying about our politics and shared lives now.  About where the country stands.  Where it’s headed. We’ve called it our national listening tour, and today is our final stop.  Ames, Iowa – in the state where it will all start up again.  This hour, On Point:  We are in Iowa.  Paying attention.  Listening. —Tom Ashbrook


Cheryl Johnson, farmer.

John Scheppler, owner of Orning Glass.

Marlu Abarca, bilingual services assistant at the Des Moines Public Library and marketing and community outreach specialist for Hola America Media.

Jill Niswander, director of communications and development at Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center.

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