Fairchild Fanfare Showcases Many Sounds of MSU College of Music

Sep 13, 2018

Fairchild Fanfare shows off a wide array of musical styles from the MSU College of Music . It's this Saturday, September 15 at 8pm at MSU's Fairchild Theatre.

From art song to jazz, opera to percussion ensemble, Fairchild Fanfare trumpets the many facets of MSU's College of Music.

"You might think of it as a Thanksgiving dinner..and every member of the family brings a dish",  says College of Music Dean James Forger. "And the great thing about it is we could have ten different concerts and have very high quality. The purpose is to present many different voices and many different composers in short bites. You might call it a tasting meal."

Among the dozen or so performances planned are highlights of music by Giacomo Puccini, John Coltrane and George Gershwin - representing sounds from the Baroque era to present day.

Forger notes that the College of Music has loyal audiences for different musical styles, but they don't always "cross over".

"This may be an opportunity for someone to bring their family or their kids to go, 'oh my gosh - I had never thought of this instrument being able to touch me in that way.' So many people have an opportunity to share the stage and to hear and rejoice in the artistry of one another."