Heir To Billions Arrested In Wife's Death

Jul 13, 2012

An update on our post from Wednesday headlined "Heir To Billions May Have Lived With Wife's Body For Days In Britain":

Today in a London court, the BBC says, a police detective testified that Hans Kristian Rausing "has been arrested on suspicion of [Eva Rausing's] murder."

But, adds The Telegraph, "police are still waiting to question the 49-year-old after interviews were suspended on Tuesday so he could be treated for alcohol withdrawal."

As we wrote Wednesday:

"Eva Rausing, a 48-year-old American and one of Britain's richest women, was found dead at her London home on Monday. ... The couple met about 25 years ago at a drug rehab clinic. In 2008, the BBC writes, 'Mrs. Rausing and her husband ... faced drug charges after crack, heroin and 52g of cocaine were found in their home. Mrs. Rausing had been arrested after she allegedly tried to smuggle small amounts of crack cocaine and heroin into the U.S. embassy in London. Charges were then dropped and a caution issued instead.' "

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