Jeremy Klepal Clears Up The Mysterious Sport Of Futsal

Jun 8, 2017

  Imagine yourself, if you can, playing indoor soccer. It’s a sport that many have played as kids. You’re placed on a turf field, often in an enclosed space. Now, with the exception of the rules of soccer and the soccer ball itself, throw everything out. You now have the sport of professional Futsal.



Credit Isaac Constans / WKAR

Futsal is a sport played much like indoor soccer, except the 10 players are split up into two teams and the game takes place on a basketball court indoors.


Lansing City Futsal is a second year professional futsal club right here in Lansing. Last year, it attracted hundreds of fans each game to watch the fast-paced, exhilarating play. The team has also opened up some youth clubs to grow the game. Now, they have a new training facility right outside of downtown Lansing as they gear up for the start of a new season.


With all the buzz surrounding the team from the conclusion of just their first year, Lansing City owner and player Jeremy Klepal joined “Current Sports with Al Martin” to discuss all the hype.