Air Quality Alert Issued In Metro Detroit Region

Jul 18, 2017

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has declared an action day for several counties in Michigan, including Livingston, Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and Monroe. An excessive amount of ozone triggered the air quality alert, trapping pollutants and heat close to the surface.

Credit Quinn Dombrowski / flickr creative commons

Brandon Hoving, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service based out of Grand Rapids, said that these warnings usually occur during the summer.

“Given the ozone levels in the atmosphere, some of those emissions can get trapped near the ground, and the air quality decreases as a result,” Hoving said.  “We typically get air quality concerns on more humid days during the summer and when it gets quite warm out.”

People within that region are suggested to carpool and bike if possible. For people who are more active and those with breathing problems, prolonged outdoor exposure should be avoided.