Amidst proposed reform, no-fault insurance debate rages on

Jun 19, 2013

Kevin Clinton, Director of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, maintains that the insurance mandated by the passage of the Affordable Care Act will ensure that critically injured victims of car accidents will be taken care of.
Credit Courtesy / Flickr

Last week, another wrinkle was added to the ongoing debate over auto insurance reform in Michigan, as a FOIA request to obtain information about rate setting procedures was denied. Currently, a bill in the state Senate calls to cap lifetime payouts at a million dollars per claim.

Along with Gov. Rick Snyder and the insurance industry, Director Kevin Clinton of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services maintains that the reform in the bill is necessary to curb Michigan's high cost of auto insurance. Michael Dabbs, president of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, claims that the no-fault insurance program is crucial for those who are critically injured in car accidents. Both joined Current State to discuss their positions.