Lansing neighborhood leaders weigh in on Council primary

Aug 2, 2013

Lansing residents go to the polls next Tuesday to vote in their next primary election. Four incumbents on the city council are facing challengers, as well as Mayor Virg Bernero. In these final days leading up to the Lansing primary, Current State is examining the key races from the voters’ perspective.  

Yesterday we looked at the issues and candidates in the Second and Fourth Wards. Today, we discuss the race for the two at-large seats on Lansing's City Council. The incumbents Brian Jeffries and Kathie Dunbar are facing four challengers -- Ted O’Dell, Judi Browne-Clarke, Jonathon Smith and Keith Smith. 

Anita Beavers, the former president of the Colonial Village Neighborhood Association, and Catherine Mooney, the president of Lansing’s Northtown Neighborhood Association, outline their concerns and review the job performances of at-large council members Brian Jeffries and Kathie Dunbar.