Livingston County Judge Says Misconduct Report Against Her Is Sexist

Feb 5, 2019

A Michigan judge says the findings of a misconduct hearing were "blatantly sexist" and is requesting a new hearing with a different judge.

The Livingston Daily Press & Argus reports that Livingston County Judge Theresa Brennan on Monday asked the Judicial Tenure Commission to reject retired Judge William Giovan's report.

The commission has accused Brennan of ethics violations in how she ran her office and for her relationship with a police detective during a murder trial.

Giovan's report says Brennan violated the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct and the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

Brennan's filing says sexism is "irreparably tainting" the findings. She also says there's no evidence to support Giovan's conclusion.

In a separate criminal case, Brennan is also accused of perjury and destroying evidence in her divorce case.