New UMC bishop outlines direction for Michigan congregation

Sep 22, 2016

Churches of all denominations are grappling with issues ranging from a loss of membership to LGBTQ inclusion. The United Methodist Church in Michigan has a new leader who’s trying to forge a way ahead for his congregation. We talk with Bishop David Bard about those challenges.

These are challenging times for Christian churches in America. Virtually all denominations are struggling to maintain their numbers as an increasing number of youth are shunning organized religion, and as the nation becomes more ethnically and culturally diverse, churches are forced to re-evaluate their message.

This month, the Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church welcomed its new spiritual leader. Bishop David Bard began his duties on September 1. He now leads about 135,000 UMC members in Michigan.

Current State talks with Bishop Bard about his new role and the direction of the church.