Senator Debbie Stabenow says MSU has a great reputation around the world

May 9, 2017

Michigan United States Senator Debbie Stabenow is a proud Michigan State University alumna.

“MSU exposed me to all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and really broadened my view of the world and gave me so many opportunities to learn so many different things. It really was the beginning of a journey of curiosity for me about learning.”

Senator Stabenow enjoys connecting with Spartans in Michigan, Washington, or wherever she’s traveling.

“In my role as a United States Senator, I’m extremely proud of the research and international role MSU plays around the world, and Michigan State has an incredible reputation as a premier agriculture and research institution.”

Senator Stabenow describes how proud she was to have President Obama sign the farm bill on the MSU campus and says the bill “is our food policy for the country and is really the economic development support for small communities.”

As for MSU’s future, she is concerned about making sure college is affordable and that funding is available for critical research. “We have to make sure going forward that young people have the same opportunities that I had to attend Michigan State.”

As for young Spartans who want to follow her into public service, Senator Stabenow advises them to “get a degree in something you’re passionate about and then get involved in the community.”

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