Charter school official says reforms could benefit Lansing

State charter school officials are hailing Michigan's changing educational landscape.

The legislature passed reforms Saturday that will make the state eligible for a share of over four-billion dollars in federal "Race to the Top" funding. One reform allows for the expansion of so-called schools of excellence" by high performing charters. Dan Quisenberry is the President of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies. He says Lansing could benefit from more charter schools:

"Lansing has opportunities," he says. "Nowhere in the state of Michigan do we truly provide a 21st century education for high school students. And Lansing is certainly in that boat. Working with the community and maybe even with the Lansing public school district, there's an opportunity to create new opportunities for the students of the Lansing community."

A Lansing public schools spokesman says the district is innovative and hitting federal benchmarks. Quisenberry says schooling in Michigan would benefit from a more entrepreneurial approach.