Committee hears testimony on making drivers pay up

EAST LANSING, MI – A state House committee took testimony Thursday on whether drivers with unpaid parking should be allowed to renew their licenses.

The bill would prevent scofflaws from renewing their licenses if they have three unpaid parking tickets. Current law revokes the ability to renew after six unpaid tickets. Those who support the bill say it would create incentives to pay down tickets and allow local governments to collect lost revenue.

State Representative Andrew Kandrevas says the legislation could help motorists save money.

"Because generally what I've seen - both defending and prosecuting them for this stuff - is they wait until that sixth or seventh ticket," he says. "But generally you're tacking on all the interest and the late fees and that's what really gets people into a hole."

Those who oppose the bill say it would put more unlicensed drivers on the road and create a safety hazard.