Current Sports | 12/11/15 | #603

Dec 11, 2015

Jalen Watts-Jackson, College Football Playoff Predictions, Michigan State Basketball, Michigan State Football, College Football Play of the Year, and 'Reflection Friday'.

This is the last show featuring the Current Sports production assistants as their semester winds to a close. Ethan Merrill is on the air to talk about his experience working for Current Sports to finish off the show, but before that, there's so much to cover. Jalen Watts-Jackson's game-winning return was named college football's play of the year by ESPN. Al and Isaac talk about the awards ceremony and who else we could see accepting awards this coming weekend. Also, there's another trivia question for a chance to win tickets. Tune in to find out who Michigan State beat four times during the 2000 national championship basketball season. Lastly, 'Reflection Friday' has Al and Isaac look back on the week that was.