'EARTH A New Wild' - Premiere

Jan 29, 2015

Wed. Feb. 4 9-11pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 | EARTH A New Wild reveals nature as never before seen with one simple act: by turning the cameras around to put humans into the picture. 

If you want to learn about living side by side with wildlife, India is the place to come. Despite its huge population, throughout history this continent has fostered an intimate relationship between its people and its wildlife.
Credit Courtesy of Jon Loncraine / Passion Planet

Produced by National Geographic Television in association with Passion Pictures and hosted by Dr. M. Sanjayan, the series takes viewers to the frontiers of where man and wildlife meet.  Viewers will discover how humans are inextricably woven into every aspect of the planet’s natural systems and how saving and restoring wild nature is key to preserving – and enriching – our future existence.

Each of the five episodes — Home, Plains, Forests, Ocean and Water — visits a different, critical habitat in which humans are engaging with nature in new ways.  People in these “frontier” places are discovering new and surprising roles wild nature plays in our lives and the critical role people can play in restoring our natural world. 

At 9:00 p.m. travel to the frontier of the wild to take a fresh look at humankind’s relationship to the great wild animals of our world.  Home reveals the threat human beings pose to our world’s extraordinary animals and their habitats, yet it also relays powerful, dramatic human stories that teach us that wildlife and human life can thrive side by side. Here, on the frontiers, viewers will encounter a new kind of wild – one our very survival depends upon. 

Then at 10:00 p.m. on Plains, discover how the plains and grasslands of the world are home to the greatest number of mammals on Earth and our breadbasket. They are also among the most endangered places on Earth. Here on the plains, human-animal conflict is at its highest but so is the promise that humans, by mimicking or working with top predators, can restore these grasslands to their former glory. 

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