Gardening with MI native plants: some rules of (green) thumb

Mar 29, 2016

Do you know how to attract a Monarch butterfly? Not just any flower will do. To find out how to attract wildlife by growing flowers, grasses and other plants native to Michigan, we hear from Vern Stephens, an expert in the field.

Are you trying to decide what to plant in your yard this Spring? Well, we did some digging and discovered a class being offered at Harris Nature Center tonight called “Native Plants Make Gardening Easier.” It’s being taught by Vern Stephens, the owner of Designs By Nature.

Current State Producer Katie Cook went to Laingsburg to visit Stephens. There, she saw greenhouses full of seedlings. Stephens collects these seeds from their natural habitats all over the state, documents them, cultivates them in his greenhouses, and then helps reintroduce them back into nature.