Hear, Here: bicycles head north on annual tour

Sep 2, 2015

It's time again for another installment in our new series, "Hear, Here" where we bring you the distinctive sounds of places around Michigan. 

This morning, dozens of bicyclists gathered under a moody sky at the MSU Pavilion for the 45th annual DALMAC run. That's the Lansing to Mackinac bike tour named for former state senator Dick Allen. Many riders taking off on their northbound journey met with a little weather this morning. Listen closely, and you may hear the rain drops hitting our microphone.  

Current State's Hear, Here projects features audio snapshots from around the state.
Credit April Van Buren / WKAR

Want to submit your own audio snapshot to Hear, Here?  

Open the voice memo app on your smartphone and record around one minute of audio with the phone's microphone pointed toward the noise. Maybe you want to share the roar of the crowd at a Lugnuts game or the sound of your paddles as you kayak down the Red Cedar River. Once you're happy with the audio, you can email the file, along with your name, what the sound is, and the approximate address or location where you recorded it to currentstate@wkar.org. These audio snapshots will be featured on air as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We'll also be mapping out all of the sounds around town on the Google map here. Questions about Hear, Here? Email producer April Van Buren at avanburen@wkar.org or call 517-884-4791.