Hear, Here: Fall football

Sep 21, 2015

We have another "Hear, Here" segment for you today. It's from Spartan Stadium on a football Saturday, where a simple weather forecast has become a favorite fan tradition.

Spartan football fans really get into the pre-game weather forecast.
Credit Stefanie Pohl / Courtesy photo

We want to share with you an audio snapshot from Current State’s new "Hear, Here" project.

Current State listener Stefanie Pohl is an MSU football season ticket holder. She sent us sounds from Saturday’s game against Air Force that we wanted to share today. One of the pre-game traditions in recent seasons is the weather forecast read to fans in Spartan Stadium. Announcer Terry Braverman reports current conditions and the forecast for the day. Then, no matter how nasty the weather might actually be, the response from the crowd is always the same.

Current State needs your ears to help make this project happen!

Submitting your own audio snapshot to "Hear, Here" is easy. Use the voice memo app on your smartphone to record about a minute of sound. Once you’re happy with your audio, you can email the file, along with your name, a description of the sound, and the approximate location where you recorded it to currentstate@wkar.org.