From Jeanie Croope: I’ll be seeing you...

Sep 23, 2013

As I wrap up editing this month’s issue of Stay Tuned, I am also saying farewell to many of my friends and associates at WKAR. After more than 32 amazing years here, I am retiring from WKAR and MSU.

Jeanie Croope

Much has changed in those years. This guide has changed names, size and format several times. The innovation of the Internet and brought us new ways to communicate.

I began my career at WKAR in the Quonset huts. Now we have a wonderful facility in the Communication Arts & Sciences building where so many of you have stopped by during open houses or to attend our screenings and programs.

We experienced the transition to digital television—that was an unforgettable event. I was honored to help guide so many of you through this often-frustrating transition. In fact, talking with you online, on the phone or even in the grocery store, has been one of the parts of being part of the WKAR staff that I will miss most!

Another thing that will be sorely missed is the daily companionship of so many remarkable people who work for WKAR—and for you. They plan the program schedule, produce the programs and create the magic of radio and television. They report the news, connect us to those in our community who make a difference and share remarkable music that inspires us. They serve the children in our community through Ready To Learn, and those with vision challenges through Radio Reading Service. They are wonderful, talented, compassionate people who care about doing their best every day, always remembering that we do what we do to serve you. I am privileged to have worked with so many dedicated professionals for so long.

I am grateful that our Senior Director of Communications, Katie Wolf, has asked me to continue contributing to Stay Tuned, so I may be away, but not too far! One thing is certain – I am so proud to support public broadcasting and WKAR.