Levers | Curious Crew | Ep. 202

Dec 4, 2015

Magic paper, lifting soap, catapults? WATCH NOW

Explore the concept of levers, how they work, and how they’re used. Then try the STEM Challenge yourself and build a “Paint Paddle Catapult” to demonstrate the concept and function of this type of lever.

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Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Trebuchet Trials (pdf): Discover how to make objects fly a long way with a classic Class 1 lever!
  2. Magic Paper (pdf): Use an everyday lever to amaze your friends!
  3. Pan Balance Lever (pdf): Did you know that a lever can help you compare the masses of objects?Associate the names of the parts of a lever with their jobs.
  4. Lift Your Parent (pdf): Use a lever to lift your parent!
  5. Lifting Soap (pdf): Create a lever and experiment with changing the effort or forceneeded to lift a load. 
  6. Second-Class Ride (pdf): How easily can you lift a friend? Investigate how a Class 2 lever works.
  7. Marshmallow Launcher (pdf): Send marshmallows flying into the air! Can you hit a target every time?

    STEM Challenge -  Paint Paddle Catapult (pdf): Are you up for a distance challenge? Design and test a Class 1 lever to send objects as far as you can!

 first air 11/23/15 Ep. 202