MI. Shooting Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Nov 9, 2012

A man arrested in a shooting spree that targeted motorists in southeastern Michigan has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of attempted murder. 

Credit southerfried / morgueFile

Raulie Casteel was charged Friday in Oakland County, where many of the 24 random shootings occurred last month.
The 43-year-old geologist has been in jail since his arrest Monday. He was first charged Wednesday in a shooting in Livingston County.
Casteel was described in court Friday as unemployed and financially dependent on his wife.
He appeared by video from jail and didn't talk about the charges. The pleas were entered on his behalf, a typical practice at arraignments.
Police said bullet fragments that matched Casteel's 9-millimeter handgun were lodged in victims' vehicles.
His wife, father and stepmother declined to comment after the court hearing in Novi.