Model railroaders to refurbish Lansing train tower

Oct 29, 2015

There’s an old, rundown wooden building in mid-Michigan that’s part of local train lore, and the Lansing Model Railroad Club wants to save it from destruction. Current State’s Kevin Lavery has the story.

In our increasingly high tech world, it seems there’s still a handful of timeless passions from “the good old days” that captivate Americans of every age. Here’s a short list: Baseball, fireworks, and trains. How many of us played with model trains as children, or collected them as adults?

Those who truly love railroad lore relish the smallest details, even things many others never notice. The Lansing Model Railroad Club understands that feeling. That’s why the group is trying to save an old, nearly forgotten building.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery reports that the club is buying what’s called the Michigan Avenue Tower.