MSU considers on-campus interment site for burial ashes

Feb 20, 2015

A columbarium for human cremains, like this one, could be coming to the MSU campus.
Credit Flickr - Daniel Ramirez

The Michigan State University Alumni Association has begun asking its members a delicate question: if they could, would they like to have their remains interred on the MSU campus when they die? Their survey is designed to see if there’s enough interest to justify construction of such a place. Their description paints a picture of a peaceful garden, “complete with strolling walkways and reflection benches”, and a columbarium.

A columbarium is a place where a small portion of a person’s cremains can be placed after cremation.

Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with the executive director of the MSU Alumni Association, Scott Westerman, who says the notion of building a columbarium at MSU is not new. If built, MSU’s would not be the first on an American college campus.