Romney Stops at Detroit Economic Club

Feb 24, 2012

Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney received a warm reception from the Detroit Economic Club Friday.

Romney and his rivals vying for the Republican nomination have just a few days left to woo voters before the state’s GOP primary on Tuesday.  He used this unique phrase to describe his sentiment.

“It just feels good being back in Michigan," says Romney.  "The trees are the right height – the streets are just right.”

Romney also emphasized his love of cars, talking about his Ford Mustang and Chevy pick-up truck.  He did not, however, mention his disapproval of the auto bailout.  Romney focused mostly on his plan to reduce taxes and federal government subsidies for programs he doesn’t like.  He says he is the only Republican candidate who could beat President Obama in the general election, though, he says, the president would be tough to beat.

Republican candidates Rick Santorum and Ron Paul also have campaign stops planned in Michigan this weekend.