Snyder: “Personal Attacks” Don’t Change What’s Happening in Detroit

Mar 14, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says he has not given up on reaching a deal with Detroit elected officials on a legal agreement to fix the city’s finances without a state takeover.

City officials’ first reactions were largely negative – especially turning over control of Detroit’s finances to an independent board.

Governor Snyder says he expects city leaders to accept the offer or something a lot like it once tempers cool. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing had some harsh words for the plan. He also said the governor was “disingenuous” in his negotiations with city officials, which, Snyder says, is not true.

“I view it as just unfortunate to make a personal attack out of this because, as a practical matter, if you look up ‘disingenuous,’ it’s ‘not sincere or candid,” and I think my track record will speak for itself,” he says.     

The governor says his proposed consent agreement is a better deal for city officials and the residents of Detroit than a state takeover or bankruptcy – both of which are still options. The governor has given city officials until the final week of March to accept his offer.