Snyder: Consent Deal Could Keep Operational Control of City with Detroit

Mar 27, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder continues to defend a legally enforceable consent agreement as the best way to lift Detroit out of a financial crisis.

The governor faces a deadline next week to decide whether to name an emergency manager to run the city.

Detroit officials continue to resist both options. The governor says a consent agreement could allow city officials to maintain some control over day-to-day operations. But he says toigh decisions need to made. 

“The city of Detroit needs to grow and that’s the best way to address long-term liabilities and these kinds of questions is let’s get on a positive path and that’s why I want get these tough times behind us," he says. "These are difficult times. We’re not implementing the positive solutions. Let’s get to the positive, grow the city and that’s how we all succeed together.”

The governor also says he’s not satisfied with the savings that have been negotiated in bargaining with city unions.