Stop by at the Summer Solstice Jazz Fest!

Jun 21, 2012

We're excited to be part of the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival this weekend! It's the 16th annual festival and will take place Friday and Saturday (June 22/23) under a big tent in the Albert Street Parking Lot in downtown East Lansing.

WKAR will have a tent near the stage and WKAR's Mark Bashore, Melissa Benmark, Brad Walker and Bill Richards will be at the booth and on the stage, introducing acts that will include Ritmo (they were featured in season two of "BackStage Pass"), Detroit Tenors, Wycliffe Gordon & Niki Harris, Neil Gordon Trio, Alexis Cole, Modern Jazz Messengers, and the Diego Rivera Quartet, among others. (Diego Rivera also appeared on "BackStage Pass" as part of the MSU Professors of Jazz in the series' first season!)

Our Street Team will be at the tent with info on next week's "BackStage Pass" tapings. You can sign up HERE right now.

The festival begins at 4:30 and continues until 10:30. There's more music at the “afterglow," which follows immediately at Beggars Banquet restaurant on Abbot Road.

Visit for a complete schedule!