Child advocate wary of suspicion-based drug testing

Jan 6, 2015
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Governor Rick Snyder is still making his way through the stack of bills on his desk after lame duck. Among the bills that have already gotten his stamp of approval is one that authorizes suspicion-based drug tests for some welfare recipients. It requires the state to establish pilot programs for screening and testing people on public assistance in three Michigan counties.

A pair of bills that would revoke welfare benefits from some Michigan families has cleared the state House.

Michigan would begin suspicion-based drug testing of welfare recipients under a bill approved Wednesday by a state House panel.

Food Aid Back For Nearly 50,000 Mich. Recipients

Jan 4, 2013
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Money has been added to debit cards for more than half of 85,000 Michigan food assistance recipients who were without the aid for a day.

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Michigan residents applying for cash assistance will have to get through a new three-week assessment and training period. 

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Michigan’s highest court will decide when the state should cut off certain families from welfare cash assistance. The state Supreme Court heard arguments today.   

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A judge in Flint has given the Michigan Department of Human Services until Aug. 10 to process 5,000 or more remaining applications for cash assistance from people whose benefits were ended because of a five-year federal limit.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals says the state Department of Human Services can cut off cash assistance welfare benefits to people who hit the federal time limit – even if they have time remaining on their state benefits.

Thousands of families in Michigan cut off from welfare benefits will get a notice soon in the mail telling them they may still qualify for cash assistance.