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French minister warns about alleged Airbus debris


PARIS (AP) – PARIS (AP) - France's transportation minister says so far there have been no signs of debris from Air France Flight 447.

Yesterday, the Brazilian air force said it had plucked a cargo pallet from the Atlantic Ocean. But it later said the pallet was not from the Airbus A330 that went down Sunday with 228 people on board.

Meanwhile, the French Foreign Minister says experts have found nothing to back up a theory that terrorism was to blame. But, speaking in Rio de Janeiro where he was attending a Mass honoring the crash victims, Bernard Kouchner says it would be
wrong to focus on any single theory at this point and terrorism can't be ruled out.

Two aviation officials tell The Associated Press that investigators are studying whether an air pressure probe on the outside of the plane may have iced over. That could have sent faulty data to the plane's computers about air speed and altitude,
causing it to hit turbulence from the violent weather at the wrong speed.

France's transportation minister says the priority is finding the flight recorders.

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