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MI House Speaker Andy Dillon formally announces Gov bid

By Laura Weber, Michigan Public Radio Network

State House Speaker Andy Dillon formally announced Thursday that he has entered the race for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Whether Dillon would run as a Democratic or Independent candidate has been a topic of conversation for many months at the state capital. That's because he has found more support for his politics from business groups than from unions and other traditional Democratic supporters.

But Dillon has always said he would only run for governor as a Democrat. And he unveiled his campaign in a video statement on his website.

"During my time in public office I have sought new answers to tough problems and looked for innovative solutions to get us passed the tired fights that block our progress," he says. "I haven't always succeeded, but I never quit trying."

Dillon led the state House through both government shutdowns in 2007 and 2009. It is not clear whether Dillon will step down from his post to focus on his campaign, but insiders say he would like to complete his full term as Speaker of the House.

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