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Libyan students at MSU speak out about political unrest

By Kevin Lavery, WKAR News

East Lansing, MI – The political crisis in Libya is prompting Michigan State University students from that country to come together to share news and voice their thoughts. The pro-human rights protests in Libya are part of a wave of unrest sweeping across much of the Middle East.

Libyan government security forces have fired upon the crowds in recent days, and president Moammar Gadhafi is refusing to step down.

MSU student Faeirouz Elbergwa says at first, she and her countrymen were happy when they saw the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

"Because we are close by, we know they suffer and we know their problems," Elbergwa says. "And we thought as Libyans that we are far away from that kind of violence because we thought we were in a free country. We thought our voices count, our thoughts count...and it turns out, it does not."

Elbergwa says she feels it's her job to get the word out to the world about the crackdown in Libya. She's studying to become a diplomat and intends to return to her country.

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