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Snyder administration proposes per-child tax refund in lieu of EITC

By Laura Weber, Michigan Public Radio Network


Governor Rick Snyder's administration would like to offer low income families an annual tax credit worth 25 dollars per child.

As Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber tells us, that refund would be for working-poor families who would lose the state's Earned Income Tax Credit under Snyder's budget plan.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley says the $25-per-child tax credit would give a total of $100 million to Michigan's low-income families. Calley says the credit would be the right move to help families who would lose the EITC.

"Maybe not as much as we'd like to do, maybe not as much as we could have done back in the heyday," he says. "But at the same time, back in the heyday, we didn't have much use for those kind of programs because people had good jobs and made the kind of money they needed to make to survive."

Calley says he understands people are upset with the proposed changes to Michigan's complicated tax structure. But he says if the state does not make changes now, things will continue to get worse for people who are struggling.

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